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Sōpfæst (WIP)

Brief information

Name:  Sōpfæst
Species: Albino Human
Age: 26
Eye Color: Translucent Red/Pink
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Albino
Height: 6'2
Weight: 165 lbs
Occupation: Exorcist
Location: Perpetually wandering, searching for godless to exorcise or slay.
Likes: All things Righteous, Holy Scriptures, the Holy Church, Children of God
Dislikes: Lucifer, Evil, Corruption, Liars, the Sinful, the Godless, Death

Character Theme Music: WIP

Danger level: Very High

Power level: ---

Friendship level: Moderate

Brief Description

A mysterious man with a Seal of Solomon burned into the back his left hand and a Roman Cross burned into the right. Both of which glow blue faintly. He has translucent red eyes, white hair, and fair skin. He wears a hooded cloak over what appears to be black armor plated leather armor. He carries a long black sword and a crucifix necklace, both of which seem to be made of cold iron, although the cross appears silver plated. A Holy Book hangs from a chain at his waist. He is rumored to carry a sunsilver revolver capable of exorcising demons with a single bullet. Not much is known about this mysterious man, how he got here, why he is here, what purpose he serves. No one even knows his name.


Detailed Explanation


(everything from past to present)
Name meaning: Righteous in Anglo-Saxon


Sōpfæst appears fairly emotionless at first glance. But deep down he definitely has them. Sōpfæst is a very jaded man, due to his past, as well as all he has had to endure in his relatively short lifetime. He has a deeply rooted wanderlust, and an ever deeper seeded sense of morals and righteousness.

Sōpfæst never backs down from a just fight, but fights that aren't necessary aren't for him. He fights for God and for Holiness and Righteousness. He is an honorable man.

Sōpfæst strives to never lie, steal, cheat, or do anything immoral, as his morals are a crucial part of his being. He follows closely the words of God, and the Holy Scriptures, as well as the Holy Church.

His true nature deep down is kind, loving, and empathetic. He wishes for everyone to feel loved and safe.


One with the Wind
"Wind surrounds him as he fights. He seems to move with the wind, flowing as if part of it. He moves swiftly and almost invisibly, striking and parrying in such a manner that he appears to dance and flow like the very wind he seems to be able to control."
Sōpfæst is able to control wind, as well as walk upon it, glide with it, and  travel through it. He can use his influence and oneness with the wind for combat in various ways. Such methods include, but are not limited to, cloaking himself in a veil of wind, sending spheres of air forward to knock opponents off their feet, sending dangerously chilled and extremely quick wind to cut into opponents, etc.

Seal of Solomon
Left hand:
Potential: This hand deals with all things demonic and arcane. Between demon sealing rituals to dark magic and destruction magic, this hand can potentially learn all of the above.

Current: Currently the left hand can seal demons (with other players consent), summon demons/familiars, use dark magic to a degree, and draw dark symbols. (Symbols have various uses*)
Makes the Sword of the Spirit effective against spirits and angels.

Mark of the Son
Right hand:
Potential: This hand deals with all things Godly and Holy. Between demon exorcising rituals to holy magic and light magic, this hand can potentially learn all of the above.

Current: Currently the right hand can repair magical seals, destroy/weaken demons/familiars, use holy magic to a degree, and draw angelic symbols. (Symbols have various uses*) Makes the Sword of the Spirit effective against familiars and demons.

Passive Ability

Trinity Seals
Trinity Seals: 3 magical holy shields/wards that float invisibly around Sōpfæst until they're damaged. When damaged they visually can be seen cracking in the air, and when they are broken, they shatter and disappear. The seals can be regenerated slowly if Salvation is charged with holy energy and Sōpfæst still has his right hand.



Gear, Weapons, and Artifacts

The Sword of the Spirit
Sword of the Spirit:
The Unbreakable Sword of God. This sword is the primary weapon of this master exorcist. This sword allows Sōpfæst to channel holy, demonic, and any kind of spiritual energy into the blade. Demonic energy destroys and damages spirits, Angelic/Holy energy destroys and damages demons, and wind affects almost all beings. (Example: Wind Magic sends out deadly wind blades, slashing at exposed flesh, and throwing spirits backwards). The sword Sōpfæst uses is incredibly powerful, as Sōpfæst has the power of both demons and angels channeling into his body from either hand. Depending on which hand Sōpfæst is wielding the sword from, the power and purpose of the blade differs.

Repentance (Revolver):
This Sunsilver Revolver fires powerful holy bullets. These bullets can pierce through the flesh of any that oppose the holy will of God Almighty. Demons, fallen gods, familiars, undead, all dark things crumble when hit by a bullet from Repentance.  It is possible for any of the above to survive, but the holy alloy bullets will be incredibly painful and damaging for most.

The Salvation Necklace helps Sōpfæst better channel the holy magic that he builds up inside of him. The main function of the necklace is to resurrect Sōpfæst (once per Roleplay/ Story) No matter how Sōpfæst dies, he gets one resurrection, where all of the damage from the killing move is ignored. After this resurrection however, Sōpfæst is left vulnerable, and easily re-killed.

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"The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness."  (Rom1:18)


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Re: Sōpfæst (WIP)

Fantastic! I hope your character and mine become friends. : )
I really like this character you made.


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