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Pham Nuwen, of the Queng Ho

Brief information

Name:  Pham Nuwen
Species: Grey Human, 32K years from 2000AD. Of Asian, Irish, English, and as-yet-nascent but then-non-mutant descent.
Age: Subjective: 48; Objective: 897
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Grey
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs
Occupation: NanoEngineer and Software Archaeologist
Location: Questing to find the next Market of the Honoured Customer
Personality: Erudite with veiled humility
Likes: Justice, Adventure, Helping Others, Nanotechnology, Software Engineering, Private-Key Encryption, Women with jet black hair and purple eyes.
Dislikes: Oligarchies, Slavery, Bureaucracy

Character Theme Music: Oxygene

Danger level: Extremely High (But you won't know until it's almost too late!)

Power level: 9

Friendship level: Moderate

Brief Description

Born on a feudal homeworld, the youngest prince in a royal family of intrigue and inheritance by assassination, he is become the masterful apprentice of all trades (by trust adoption), starting as a lowly Software Archaeologist spaceship crewman, to later become Master Nanotechnology Engineer Extraordinaire, skipping planets and eras through sleep chambers on spaceflights, helping all those he comes across with his deep-past knowledge of civilizations risen and fallen, the breadth of human technological art and science at his encrypted disposal to be spread among his co-equals while sold for gain-to-righteous-ends Customers, in the Great Market of the galaxy.


Detailed Explanation

In the center of the galaxy, his last known trajectory before he left known history from Earth; he met God, who came in Human form, Jesus, to tell him he will communicate with him using a tick (mysterious ways), to accomplish a galactic and truly universal goal.

When he does not use his Software Archaeology wits to hammer old programs into ill-used yet well-suited objectives from the vast history of open- and closed- source programs sifted from a hundred human-colonized worlds, and a few others, he uses his often-hidden or extremely powerful NanoEngineer skills to manipulate matter on a macroscopic scale. This can be accomplished in hidden fashion, such as a healing in the name of his God, or vanquishing a foe with fierce rapidity; panacea and Deus Ex Machina are unimportant terms to him (more like Manus Dei), as instead he plots often to beguile his adversaries with subterfuge, emotional and intellectual besting, humility, and a willingness to put a plan into motion that takes decades of decades to come to fruition.

He has unexpectedly and sometimes unknowingly, ran into a very beautiful jet black haired woman with purple eyes. Because of this, and perhaps some fluke in causality, he sometimes gets a tick when he runs into a reality wherein he bumps into her.

If he comes across a planet that is enslaved by people who use virii to control underling's minds, he can't help but feel compassion for them, and conquer those ruling. He would gladly give his life to save another for who he felt deeply.

(everything from past to present)
Name meaning: Pham Nuwen is likely from Vietnamese on Ancient Earth, a transliteration of Pham Nguyen.


His true nature deep down is kind, loving, and empathetic. He wishes for everyone to feel freedom, and self-worth/accomplishment.


(hidden nanites attack/help)

(mysterious ways show him God's plan, and he executes part of it)

Current: Powers are as-yet undiscovered.

Passive Ability

Can command entire planets over centuries of family, to accomplish great humanitarian and alien goals.

Gear, Weapons, and Artifacts

Light Snack
In order to re-power his equipment, every 10 kiloSeconds he must absorb energy through his skin or surface; during this time becomes invisible, or in times of hardship, pitch black, to absorb all kinematic energy in the surrounding atmosphere touching him, as well as some if not all wavelengths of light entering into his space. This restores his equipments energy reserves.

Lost Technology
He has the ability to hover and on low-gravity planets, fly, using an ancient and broken technology known as Nanotechnology to him, which is actually fempto-tech which manipulates space-time shielding effects to accomplish anti-gravity (among other things), the last function it is still capable of doing. In its original form, it was known as grav-plating.

Keyboard Of The gods
When no one is looking, he can manipulate nanite motes, otherwise known as utility fog, using nothing but his hands training wafts of air into secret passcodes to gain access to trust-establishing routines that allow him root-user access to the base level of old technology which everyone else has deftly built upon not knowing the true potential of its heart. With this he can visually and auditorily spy on any air-vent connected room, and remotely manipulate minor physical attributes,

[This skill has not been discovered]
If the Lost Technology is repaired, it will become Nanomis-hein, a device that can manipulate the local properties of 3-space, such as gravity, inertia, and time-space dilation, and when supplied with a proper power source, can copy objects at a molecular scale.

Your Sins Are Forgiven
If Pham receives a tick while in the presence of an injured or invalid person, he will lay hands on them, pray aloud, and the person will be healed. This is a secret commission from Jesus, who he met in the center of the galaxy. At the end of the prayer, he says aloud token operator "Your Sins Are Forgiven", and at a molecular level, the person is restored to locally averaged DNA standards subtracted from their germline-minus-adult-stem-cell-line average. It is at this point, he begins to proselytize the populace to Christianity, the mission he was sent towards the High Beyond -- to seed Love.

"For God so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so that anyone that may believe freely in him might not perish, but have Eternal Life." Holy Bible, Book of John, Chapter 3, Verse 16 (paraphrased).


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Re: Pham Nuwen, of the Queng Ho

My only comment is that I know where you are pulling this from. While awesome, I also worry about copyright issues.


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Re: Pham Nuwen, of the Queng Ho

This is all fan-fiction based on publicly available content. I'm fairly certain it doesn't tread on anything. Additionally, I changed several things that make it more unique.


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