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The Botar Dimension

Botar = BOTtom of All Realms

Notes for setting

So the premise here is that this realm is composed of layers, the layers consist of every permutation of every combination of atoms.
Some of these layers have crystallized and formed complex fractal structures. Some of these structures are the result of magical substances interacting. This is a world where magic circles and symbols can have an effect. Some of the combinations of materials cause effects like creating various simple life forms, such as algae and bacteria and larger magical creatures. But most large creatures expire due to one reason or another. There are some large (bigger than a cat all the way up to mountain-sized) ancient natives, but for the most part, the creatures here came from other realms.

A portal is opened into this world dumping about 1800 people, and they colonize a habitable region of this realm. There is a layer of ice 5 miles above them which has a mild glow, this is being melted by a heat source beneath them(initially in an equilibrium, which is disrupted by their arrival). When they arrived they created an impact crater, leaving cracks in the layers. Water drained into these cracks and due to chemical reactions(reacting with deposits of sodium, Rubidium,) end up producing heat as well as traveling to depths which are hotter yet ( to the point of decomposition into oxygen and hydrogen ) creating steam and fire geysers. The water also is causing the ground to swell (multiple thin layers of Anhydrite? becoming gypsum). The arrival portal/crater becomes a lake as it slowly melts more and more ice from above.

The ice above is blue, partly due to Cherenkov radiation. But it also goes through a pulse phase of full spectrum light originating from the impact site. It roughly corresponds to a 28-hour day cycle.  The light is in part a reaction to the hydrogen building up to critical levels in the layers threaded through the ice causing a runaway reaction until all the hydrogen is used up. ( because of this there is a limit of how far this light pulse goes, also as more ice is melted from the roof, larger pockets of hydrogen are able to be built up. The cracks(not caused by the portal) that lead up to the layer that triggers the reaction are several miles up[consequentially the initial colonists had 224 hours (8days) before the first day. As hydrogen had to be generated and float up that high as well as sufficient ice melted to expose those cracks] ) But at least they had a dim blue light which is always present from above (but since it is blue it makes it hard to sleep? or is it dim enough? )

This universe is the pit into which all derailed portals end up, both tech and magic. The first humans to arrive came from a magic world. They were refugees from a war-stricken land escaping via a portal to a safe land. Unfortunately, the mage who cast the spell was injured in the battle and died casting the escape portal, causing the portal to end up in Botar. Also since it was such an unstable spell, its emergence into this dimension was a violent one, it caused an explosion close to that of a 17 megaton explosion(due to nearly a pound of antimatter which hitched a ride and arrived first ) [The largest US nuclear test, the Castle Bravo test on Bikini Atoll in 1954, left a crater 2000 meters in diameter and 74 meters deep for a hydrogen bomb with a yield of 15 megatons detonated at ground level. ]


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